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Unleash Your Dark Side with Phantom Countertops

 The process of engineering quartz countertops by pressing polymer resins into natural, raw quartz crystals was developed by an Italian company, Breton S.p.A, in the early 1960s.
How quartz countertops are madeNot only is quartz widely available, as a manmade material, it can be easily manufactured into unique shapes, sizes, & colors. Allowing homeowners endless affordable, custom design possibilities.

The Dark Side to Countertop Design

Countertops are used by real estate professionals and DIYers to accent their design and aesthetic of the rest of the remodel. Using dramatic, complementary colors designers are able to easily achieve a bold, custom design. 

Kitchen with quartz countertopsUsing Dark countertops makes a striking appearance when anyone enters the room. It is the first thing that grabs their attention while the rest of the design falls into picture around the dark counters.

Advantages of a Dark Countertops

Dark Kitchen designs are great for a number of reason, both functionally and aesthetically.

Kitchen with quartz countertops

A dark design creates an edgy, luxurious feeling that allows for a wide range of design possibilities. Like accenting the darkness with splashes of color, or complementing it using white. 

Beyond the aesthetic advantages, dark designs have practical advantages too. For example, unlike a car painted black, dark kitchens do not show food and scratches as easily as lighter colored designs.

That means you get a kitchen that's got more design options, as well as easier to clean and maintain. 

Showing Off Your Dark Design

A dark design means you'll need good lighting to effectively see what you're doing when the sun goes down and to show off your design.

Kitchen with quartz countertops

You won't have the "brightness" of the white or lighter colored counters reflecting the light.  Although dark counters absorb much more light, they do reflect a portion of it that is easy on eye strain. 

Well placed, creative lighting brings your design to life. Because dark counters reflect less light, the light that they do reflect is much softer. Emitting more of a soft glow that makes to whole room feel cozy. 

Bringing Your Dark Design Together

Dark countertops go seamlessly with nearly every aesthetic.  Maintain a dark theme throughout the whole room, complement your counters by using bright whites, or use cabinets and flooring to bring a splash of color.

Kitchen with quartz countertopsThe possibilities are limited only by your creativity and preferences. Get the custom home look you want by thinking through your ideas carefully, looking at examples, & utilizing a professional designer to complete your ideal kitchen or bathroom. 

Your Countertops Are Ready

Quartz represents the second most selected countertop material in the United States. Home owners and professionals looking to make an affordable upgrade choose quartz above all others. 

Our selection of countertops, cabinets, & flooring is all carefully curated by Real Estate Professionals and stocked regularly, so you don't have to deal with hefty delivery fees or wait times. Remodel Warehouse

To get your countertops, give us a call or come in to our shop. 

All we need are your measurements, then we'll cut your counters to size, and install them in as little as 2 weeks; making the process quick and easy for you!

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