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What is Vinyl Plank Flooring?

LVP Floors: Luxury Vinyl Planks

Why do contractors and home builders avoid hardwood flooring?

Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP) were created by accident when researchers in the 1800's  created a seemingly “useless” rigid material. Then in 1926 when a scientist failed at creating an adhesive, he accidentally created the rubber-like vinyl. Vinyl Flooring finally made its debut in 1933 as a budget-friendly, resilient flooring option.


LVP Prices

Per square foot, vinyl flooring is one of the most economic options of flooring that you can choose. On average, you can expect to spend $2-$12 per square foot to have it installed.

Installing LVP Flooring

Installation of vinyl flooring is typically easier than installation of other flooring materials. Vinyl flooring can also be installed over concrete, hardwood, or plywood. It can even be installed over existing vinyl; however, it isn’t recommended if you have 2 or more preexisting layers.

Vinyl stick on flooringvinyl plank flooring

Utilizing Your LVP Floors

Because of its durability and customizable appearance, vinyl flooring is incredibly versatile. Home builders, Contractors, and DIYERs use LVP in almost every room; depending on the projects design.  

LVP Floors are widely used in Kitchens, bathrooms, basements, family rooms, dining rooms, laundry rooms, and mud rooms.

kitchen with vinyl plank flooringbathroom remodel with shaker cabinets

Maintaining Your Vinyl Flooring 

This is one area where vinyl flooring really shines.  Maintenance tends to be a breeze. After sweeping your vinyl floor to remove dirt and grit, simply run a damp mop over it using vinyl floor cleaner to keep your flooring looking its best. 

Tile Cleaner

However, vinyl flooring cannot be refinished.  Once damaged, it needs to be removed and replaced. But keeping your flooring regularly maintained will make them last for years.


LVP Floors Are Designed to Last

Vinyl flooring is highly durable. If installed and maintained correctly, it can last upwards of 10-20 years. As with any flooring, the quality of the material that you purchase will affect how long it lasts.

LVP's Customizable Designs

Vinyl’s versatility makes it real estate professional's favorite flooring material. Because of it's man-made process, design patterns not only look identical to natural wood patterns, but the design possibilities are limited to creativity.

variety of vinyl flooring colors

With so many different colors and patterns of vinyl flooring readily available, your options are nearly endless.




Affordable, Customizable, & Luxurious

Contractors & Home Builders use LVP because they are designed in a way that mimics real hardwood, in both look and feel; with the added benefit of being durable, affordable, & water-proof, with a luxurious look. 

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