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Quality Building Materials in Seattle


Finding Quality Building Materials

Whether you're a home builder doing several homes a month, a company doing dozens of homes at a time, or a DIYer looking to do some home improvements, finding the highest quality materials and remaining within your budget is dance everyone does in the Home Improvement world.

Quality Materials, But Costly

Quality materials are relatively easy to find these days, the problem that comes with them though is they are very pricey. Plus it takes time to finally get the product delivered and, unless the delivery goes absolutely perfectly, you could be faced with additional delays and/or damage products on arrival. 


When your product's quality is causing other pain points, like slow deliveries, on top of an already expensive price tag, your budget can spiral out of control quickly. 

Don't be swayed by the price tag when looking for a quality product, it isn't always indicative of quality or value and usually you'll just end up spending more for less.

Cheap vs Cheaply Made Products

Cheap products are not always be a bad choice. As long as you can differentiate between a Cheaply Made Products and a Cheap Product, you'll be able to score some major deals.DSC01357-300x225

A cheap product is simply a product with good value (low costs, but good quality), versus a cheaply made product; which is exactly what is sounds like. A cheap, low quality product.

Again, price isn't always the indicating factor here. Finding cheaply priced, valuable products can increase your profit margins greatly! 

Getting Your Materials Late or Damaged

Delivery delays can bring your projects to a halt, costing you valuable time and money. Let alone when products arrive damaged or broken altogether.freight-claim-2

For large companies, builders, and contractors with tight schedules they need to meet, these types of delivery error costs can compound quickly. 


Having a reliable source for your products than you know you can get the materials you need, in the time frame you need them, is especially necessary for Professionals.

Delays eat into the bottom line and drive up expenses unnecessarily. Factoring this component into your decision making will make a big impact on your project(s). 

The Solution: Quality Materials Quickly, Affordably, & Reliably

After experiencing all these issues in our own projects, we decided to do something to solve the problem of costly and unreliable sources, low quality materials, and delivery errors.IMG-20210416-WA0019

To get quality products we could sell for wholesale prices, we partnered with our favorite manufacturers of cabinets, flooring, countertops, and accessories and buy in bulk to PASS the SAVINGS on to YOU. 

Remodel Warehouse


To solve the problem of unreliable and slow delivery times, we bought our own warehouse to store our bulk inventory. So, you can come down to the shop, purchase your materials, and leave with them the same day!


Price. Quality. Speed. 

These are the three components we that set us apart from our competitors. We are committed to providing higher quality products, for lower prices, and faster turnaround times; plus a more personal touch!

We carry cabinets, flooring, countertops, & other remodeling and home improvement materials. We are built by professionals, for professionals. 

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Discounts Available for Bulk Orders!


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